how e.coli looks like

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How Escherichia coli looks like? It depedns....

E.coli is a procaryotic microorganism, typically about 2 to 4 µm long, rod-shaped bacterium (bacillus) with rounded ends. Cells can be shorter than 2 µm or can form long filaments. E.coli is usually motile in liquid or semisolid environment with peritrichous flagella (about 6 per cell) and its surface is covered with fimbriae. These structures (flagella and fimbriae) are too thin to be visualized by classical light microscopy or they don't have to be present at all under given cultivation conditions even at motile strains.
So E.coli can looks like this:

Escherichia coli Gram-stain Escherichia coli SEM E.coli SEM